EGU GIFT workshop 2019

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is the leading organisation for Earth, planetary and space science research in Europe. The EGU Committee on Education has organised Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshops since 2003.

The main objective of the GIFT workshops is to spread first-hand scientific information to science teachers of secondary (and primary) schools, significantly shortening the time between discovery and textbook, and to provide the teachers with material that can be directly transported to the classroom.

Organised at each EGU General Assembly, this symposium combines presentations on current research by leading scientists with hands-on activities presented by science educators for around 80 teachers who have applied and been accepted.

The Vienna GIFT workshop takes place over two and a half days during the EGU General Assembly. The workshop explores a theme in the Earth, planetary and space sciences, through topical presentations from scientists at the cutting-edge of research, together with hands-on teaching activities.

Focus of the 2019 GIFT workshop (8-10 April 2019) was Plate tectonics and Earth’s structure Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. It was excellent opportunity to met new colleagues, exchange teaching practices, experiences and approaches. My colleague-geography teacher and I made poster Interdisciplinary teaching (Math, Life&Earth Science) using Augmented Reality SandBox to simulate moving of tectonics plates and for student understanding… which was exposed at Session “Science in tomorrow’s classroom”. This is a poster session, officially part of the GIFT workshop and the EGU General Assembly, during which teachers have a unique occasion to highlight the work done in their classes (not necessarily related to plate tectonics) to a wide scientific community, not only to their fellow teachers.

At Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology you can find paper model (pdf) of Chikyu and build it in your classroom. It is a deep-sea exploration ship (completed in 2015) with the world’s highest drilling capacity (7km below the sea floor). Drilling into mantles and huge earthquake zones that humans have never reached before becomes possible.

Thanks EGU GIFT workshop this great teachers have met: Željka (Croatia), Panagiota (Greece), Nidhi (India), Michela, Beatrice (Italy), Carolina (North Macedonia), Jose, Joao, Adao (Portugal), Jelena, Gruja, Danilo (Serbia), Lenka (Slovenia), Marian, Russell (USA).

The next edition of GIFT will take place on 4–6 May 2020 in Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria and will focus on ‘Water in the solar system’.

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